"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

makes and re-makes

Okay not sure how this will look when it's finished as my computer whizz (Jasmine) is not here with me to check I am doing this right!! Not blogged in ages as I have been busy working and ' making and re-making' stuff.  Have tried to upload some pictures of  before and afters as we all know that Blog world loves a bit of before and after. Here goes!!

Jasmine has a handmade bag company www.shambags.com so we always have an abundance of fabric in the house so i decided with summer here i wanted to brighten up our living room. Chose some blue pieces i liked and made some cushions and lamp shades (no pictures of the lamp shades as of yet).

Loving Annie Sloan Chalk paint I used Louis Blue on a few items in the room to pick up the blue .In the background you can just see a plant stand that I painted this colour. The coffee table has also gone from pine to painted!

This old piece of furniture is from a charity shop but i thought it would look fabulous painted and would work well in Jasmines new room when she moves at the end of September to start at university.

This is the colour she chose, Annie Sloan's 'Henrietta'.  We are blessed to have a supplier just a 10 min drive from home. At a fabulous shop called The Beehive in Devizes.  www.thebeehivelifestyle.com

After a thinned colour wash of the paint and then a thicker coat this is how the beauty looks now. Of course a little sanding was required once she was dry and then a fine coat of wax. If you have never used AS paint before 'where have you been?' no sanding required and you can virtually paint onto any kind of surface I have just finished painting a huge brass lamp base in the same pink.

She looks very pale pink in this picture but it is actually a much more vivid pink as in the previous picture. Have just bought a fab old dressing table for her room but undecided as to whether I should  paint it pink or old white, what are your thoughts?

This has to be one of the most pointless pieces of furniture we have ever bought!! Quite a few years back we needed an extra CD rack and as our last ones were bought in Spain when we lived there we couldn't get one to match those so we got something that was a similar style. Well so we thought when we bought it, it has never matched anything we own so has always been relegated to the study and  now has software bits and wires and cables in it. When we decorated the study a few months back it was a case of do we keep  or do we throw??  Decided to paint and sand it and then see how i felt about it.

As we painted the room our favourite colour at the moment dulux ' perfectly taupe' a soft grey that depending on how the light is in the room seems to have shades of lilac in it the newly painted piece seemed to work just right. Reprieve , well for the moment anyway.

We spent some time in Cornwall over the summer,as always with Cornwall in summer the weather was a real mix of high winds, blue skies, grey clouds, lots of rain and of course mizzle (that's mist and drizzle all rolled into one). Every year for the last 8 years ,even when we have lived overseas we have travelled to either Devon or Cornwall to attend Creationfest,a Christian music festival. As always it did not disappoint. Great Worship,teaching,fellowship and time with God. Not forgetting great live music every night also.

Can you tell she likes pink?

Look at the concentration on Aynsley's face!

Arianes mission for the week was to collect as many wristbands as she could. Doing well so far.

And as for Mr J, still a child at heart. Yes that is him and the kite is so high it's not in the shot!