"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, 31 October 2011

An edible work of art.

 It always gets messy in the Johnson household when there is some cooking to be done.
 Ariane needed to come up with a novelty cake idea for her cookery class at school.

When you spend your spare time looking at blogs you get to see ideas that just seem to stick in your mind!

Any ideas what we did yet?? Maybe a look at the rest of the ingredients will help.

Did you get it? We did a bucket of popcorn! We made a sponge cake with buttercream for the centre of the cake, Icing for the bucket sides and some fresh cooked popcorn and peanut M&Ms for the topping.

This was just a practice one. Ariane then had to make it by herself in the cookery class.

Arianes turned out so well that the teacher of the class still uses pictures of the cake when he is showing examples to his other classes. 


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Old and New Made by Hand.

Lots of pictures but not many words in this post! A few things I have re purposed and a few things I have made myself.

Bought at a charity shop for a few pounds. Knew it had potential.

A few coats of paint and a scrap of wallpaper as a new topper and a few coats of PVA to seal the top. Job done.

You have to love it that DIY shops in the UK don't mind you taking a few bits of wall paper samples to try at home. My samples always seem to get reused in one way or another.

Laura Ashley wallpaper samples framed and a cross stitch i did nearly 20 years ago! Amazing how the 'Voice of the Shepherd' was calling me even back then.

The same Laura Ashley pattern but as a fabric this time. 1m of fabric can make 2 of these simple blinds. Mr J has just asked me where is that blind in our house??  He actually passes it every time he goes up the stairs!

Art work created by my son for some school projects.

Aynsley loves stenciling and he mixes different stencils to make some of his art pieces,as below.

We seem to have quite a few unusable skateboards  lying around our garage so Aynsley following in my footsteps sees a re purpose use for them, artwork . I'm thinking of mounting them on his wall and using them as shelves.

This cross stitch I started just before we actually got married. It took a little longer than I expected to finish,2 years!!

A close up of the beading along the bottom of the brides dress.

Jasmine is convinced that this is her!

I picked this up at a charity shop just a few weeks ago. This is an after shot as i got carried away and forgot to take any before shots. It was a dirty old brass lamp stand with a stained cream lampshade. Painted the base in Annie Sloan 'old white' chalk paint and made a rag shade for the top. Easiest revamp ever.

Have been working on some more projects over the last week or so and will hopefully get round to posting about them soon.xx

Take time to look!

Mr J and I went for lunch in our local town Chippenham today, nothing unusual there i hear you say. Mr J decided we would park in a different carpark to usual and walk through the park to get into town. Well with a huff from me we parked up.

What a Fabulous idea Mr J!  We would have missed these wonderful views of Chippenham had we parked in our usual spot.

Sometimes you forget how beautiful the area you live in really is as you continue on with the day to day things of life. I urge you to STOP and take a look around you wherever you may be today and look at what God has placed before you.

Hope the people who live here didn't mind me peering over their wall on my tippy toes to get this shot!

Lunch was taken at La Taberna in Chippenham an authentic Tapas bar where we got to practice our Spanish and reminisce about our years of living in Madrid.
Praising God for a fantastic day.