"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Paint Job 2

As mentioned in the previous post I was off to paint the family bathroom. Nothing to challenging there, I do all the decorating over at Nuthatch so a couple of hours and the job should be done, so I thought!!


Builders Magnolia.

This was the first shock of the day. Now I know you should never judge a can of paint by the colour swatch on the front of the can but this is what we did when we chose this colour. I was not really expecting this when I took the lid off. Very very dark. The accessories in this room are either dusky or dark purple hence why we chose this colour,but was looking for more of a dusky than a dark paint.

Still not sure about it when I did the first bit of painting either.

 Now normally I do all the cutting in meticulously by hand but having already painted a room the day before and working on my own today I knew that I was not going to have the strength in my right arm to get the straight lines that were needed for hand cutting in so decided to use some Frog Tape to get the super straight edges.  Now this stuff if amazing, you never get paint seapage under the tape so always get good crisp lines. I usually use it when I'm spraying frames (and can't be bothered with removing the pictures, lazy I know).  Well I happily taped up and set to painting.  Disaster strikes!!!

Note to self always fully read the labels on new products you are using!!! DO NOT put frog tape on your wallpaper as this is what will happen. Oh yes I had a fantastically straight cutting in line but as I ripped off the frog tape it took half a sheet of wallpaper with it. No going back or repairing that as we had only bought one roll of the paper so off it all had to come.

This is the first New build house that I have ever lived in so decorating techniques seem to be a little different than in older houses. When stripping wallpaper in other homes I've never had to worry about the plasterboard getting soaked or about gouging huge ravines in the plaster with the wallpaper removing tool. Obviously you wet the paper to remove it but this just seemed to also wet the plasterboard and any heavy handedness with the tool seemed to leave deep tracks wherever it went.  Mr J is going to freak when he sees this.  Anyhow a couple of hours of meticulously stripping paper and this is what I was left with. Some of the marks in the picture are water drips  and some are deep wounds!


About eight hours after starting the job I got it finished . Once again the children didn't get fed till very late in the evening  and I'm still not sure if I even like the colour. Can't decide if the colour reminds me of a bedroom I had as a child back in the seventies or if it just looks like a changing rooms 1990 colour or if in fact it is a lovely colour that completely changes the room and I just need to get used to it. 
 Ariane thinks it lovely and was very impressed with the make do piece of art I made for over the bath  from some coloured card, some scrapbooking papers and a frame that has yet to be used in the gallery area that I have planned for our stairway. Since this area had a patterned wallpaper on it before it looked very bare as a solid colour so I needed to get something on there. Have an idea for making a word canvas so I can still use the frame in the gallery area. 
 Must add sort gallery area to my ever growing list of things to get done around the house.
 Two jobs ticked off the list one job added.

God Bless You.xx

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